class alphatwirl.progressbar.BProgressMonitor(presentation)[source]

A progress monitor of tasks.

This class monitors the progress of tasks and present it.

Tasks can be concurrently executed. The progress can be presented in an arbitrary way specified at the initialization.

This class monitors the progress and present it in the background by using ProgressReportPickup.

In order for a progress to be monitored by this class, an object that executes a task needs to send the ProgressReport through the ProgressReporter created by this class.


A presentation method needs to be specified at the initialization. For example, to use ProgressBar:

presentation = ProgressBar()
monitor = BProgressMonitor(presentation)

After the initialization, start monitoring:


Then, create as many reporters (ProgressReporter) as the number of the tasks whose progresses need to be monitored:

reporter1 = monitor.createReporter()
reporter2 = monitor.createReporter()
reporter3 = monitor.createReporter()

These reporters can be given to objects which execute the tasks. These objects can be in other processes as long as the reporters are properly passed to them.

If a ProgressReport is given to these reporters:

the report will be received by ProgressReportPickup, which will use the report to present the progress in the way specified.

When all tasks are finished, end monitoring:


This will ends ProgressReportPickup, which is running in a different process.